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About Us

We are Farmers Hemp, a family-owned and operated farm and processing center based out of Tranquility, Ca. Located in the beautiful San Joaquin Valley; it is hands down one of the most optimal places in the world for growing crops, especially high quality CBD and CBG flower.

We have been receiving a great amount of positive feedback on the quality of our products, specifically, the "Legendary" and "Fixer" varietals of our hand-trimmed flower.

We have recently decided to make the transition from wholesale to a retail brand with a focus on in-house developed Products. More on that soon.

If you are looking to learn or are currently growing hemp for CBD and CBG, we also offer other services like consulting for farmers that would like to know more about Hemp and those interested in entering the Hemp Farming world.

We also offer services, including split rate drying, processing, trimming and curing in our secure 100,000sq ft facility.

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