Farmers Hemp is a vertically integrated farming team.  Our team works hard to bring you hemp products that not only has our name on it, but that we use ourselves.

Located on the west side of Fresno county, we have farms in Mendota, Tranquility and Coalinga. We farm, process, formulate and manufacture all our own hemp products. Farmers Hemp does it’s best to bring you a farm to table experience with all our products.

Farmers Hemp team is headed by 4th to 6th generation California farmers.  With teammates from seven different countries of origin.  Farmers Hemp promotes a positive company culture and love seeing the American dream happen before our eyes.

At Farmers Hemp we believe in giving back to our communities.  A portion of all our sales go back to our community programs.  Including, but not limited to, backpacks for kids in rural communities, clean water filling machines for city’s without clean safe water and getting fire trucks to Mexico. Farmers Hemp also sponsors programs such as youth sports, FFA and 4-H programs.

Farming and creating hemp products is not just our profession, it our passion.  We hope you enjoy our products.